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Creating Lasting Memories at Breakaway Retreats​

Care Coordinator

Hello! I’m Sarah, and for the past year, I’ve had the joy of being a support worker at Breakaway Retreats. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with unforgettable experiences and the opportunity to support some truly amazing individuals.

“Creating joy and lasting memories, one special moment at a time." 🌟
Sarah, Breakaway Retreats
Care Coordinator

A Year of Wonderful Memories

My role has allowed me to assist our guests in creating joyful and memorable moments during their Short-Term Accommodation (STA) stays with us. From fun activities to relaxing moments, each day brings something new and exciting.

Stepping into a New Role

Now, I’m taking on a new challenge as a Care Coordinator, working alongside Jaimie. In this role, my focus is on ensuring that each STA experience is perfectly tailored to our guests’ preferences and goals. It’s all about crafting stays that are not just enjoyable but also meaningful and fulfilling.

Your Perfect STA Experience

Whether you’re looking to achieve specific goals or simply want to create lasting memories, I’m here to help. My aim is to understand what makes your ideal goal and bring it to life.

Let’s Connect

I’m excited to hear from you and start planning your perfect STA experience. Together, we’ll make sure your time with us at Breakaway Retreats is as special and rewarding as possible.

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