Hosted Support Options

Breakaway Connect

Breakaway Connect is a hosted Short Term Accommodation (STA) program providing the guest with the opportunity to connect with the community. The participant’s activities are generally based in and around the host’s home and life. This is ideal for people needing 24/7 support during their STA.

Breakaway Connect provides individualised STA packages which include:

  • Goal-oriented activities, meals, support, special equipment hire as required
  • Stays in high-quality hosted accommodation provided through Disability Homestay Network (DHN)
  • Ideal for participants seeking 24-hour companionship, networking and support to connect with the host and their community to foster meaningful experiences

Breakaway For A Day

Breakaway For A Day is a hosted day support program with no overnight stay.

The participant’s activities are based in and around the host’s home and life.

The participant spends a day up to 10 hours with a specially trained and participant-needs matched ‘Breakaway For A Day’ host, with a focus on:

  • Safe home environment setting
  • Goal focused
  • One on one attention
  • Empowering activities
  • Helping participants realise their potential
  • Full day support
Breakaway For A Day is ideal as an alternative day support program.
Breakaway Retreats hosted support programs are provided in association with the Disability Homestay Network (DHN), part of the Australian Homestay Network group.