Amelie’s Journey

Amelie’s Adventure at Breakaway Retreats

Finding joy and achieving goals

Amelie’s trip with Breakaway Retreats was a journey full of fun, learning, and personal growth.

Fun and Learning Everywhere

Her adventure was packed with exciting activities. She explored Bird World, met amazing animals at Australia Zoo, relaxed at Buderim Falls, and even swam with seals! 🦜🦘💦


Discovering New Things

Every day brought Amelie new things to see and do. These experiences weren’t just fun; they helped her learn about herself and the world around her. 🌳🌈

Making Goals Come True

Amelie’s time at Breakaway Retreats shows what we’re all about: helping people have fun, connect with others, and chase their goals. 💫



Breakaway Retreats is here to make adventures like Amelie’s happen for everyone. Her story is just one of the many happy experiences we create.

Come join us and make your own amazing memories!

Learn more about Breakaway Retreats and start your adventure!

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