Breakaway Retreats Local Advocate Program

Opportunity for people interested in becoming a key member of our team in their local area.

Overview of the Role

Breakaway Retreats is expanding to new locations and we are now seeking a local Disability Services Advocate to join our team. If you are passionate about making a positive impact in the disability sector, have a broad understanding of the NDIS, and strong local networks we would like to hear from you.

As a Breakaway Retreats Local Disability Services Advocate, you will establish connections with the community to facilitate the use of Breakaway Retreats products in your region.

Incentives-based opportunities available in all locations.

Our unique approach

As our Local Disability Services Advocate, you will play a pivotal role in connecting with local stakeholders, identifying potential participants, and promoting all services offered by Breakaway Retreats including:

Breakaway Direct

This package offers independent accommodation options such as resorts, hotels, Airbnb, and more. It is ideal for participants seeking their own space and independence.

Breakaway Connect

This package provides high-quality hosted homestay accommodation through the Disability Homestay Network program. Participants can connect further with the community, fostering meaningful experiences.

Breakaway for a Day

Participants spend up to 10 hours with a specially trained ‘Breakaway for a Day’ host, centred around the host’s home. This unique support program allows participants to enjoy a day of engaging activities and new community interactions.

Primary Responsibilities

Breakaway Retreats Local Disability Services Advocate is a pivotal role in promoting premier NDIS service offerings within your designated local area. Your primary responsibilities will include:


Actively promoting Breakaway Retreats as a leading NDIS service provider to the local community and relevant organizations.

Relationship Building

Establishing and nurturing relationships with key stakeholders, such as NDIS coordinators, disability service providers, local government agencies, and community groups, to generate referrals and cultivate partnerships.


Attending local events, conferences, and meetings related to disability support and NDIS to increase brand awareness and identify potential participants who could benefit from Breakaway Retreats’ programs.

Target Audience Identification

Identifying and targeting specific groups of potential NDIS participants within your local area, understanding their unique needs and preferences for short-term accommodation and support services.

Referral Management

Facilitating the referral process by connecting interested participants with the appropriate Breakaway Retreats representatives who can assist in the booking and program selection process.

Information Sharing

Providing accurate and up-to-date information about Breakaway Retreats’ offerings, including the Breakaway Direct, Breakaway Connect, and Breakaway for a Day programs, to potential participants and their support networks.


Collaborating with the Breakaway Retreats team to share insights, feedback, and suggestions to continuously improve our services and enhance the participant experience.


The position will not be directly responsible for the booking process, but will be instrumental in promoting Breakaway Retreats, identifying potential participants, and facilitating connections to support their respite needs.


By working closely with local stakeholders and leveraging your knowledge of the community, you will help create meaningful opportunities for NDIS participants to achieve their goals and enjoy enriching respite experiences.


As our Local Disability Services Advocate, you will earn incentives for every confirmed Breakaway Retreats booking in your local area. This provides you with the opportunity to make a positive impact, earn a rewarding income and build your own business working from home.

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